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Q&A about PIX

  • Is the dashboard different for PIX and Boleto?

For now there is no difference on BIP between the two, just like the checkout page is hybrid, so is the merchant area.

  • If the payment is cancelled by the shopper, what is the correct flow?

There is no cancelling for Boletos or PIX. On the other hand, if shoppers want a reimbursement, the flow is the same as credit cards, via our API. The credit is made to the consumer in just a few moments.

  • How do Boleto reimbursements work for hybrid payments?

Nothing changes. Our support team will require the same purchase information (payment confirmation and shopper bank details) and follow the current flow.

  • How fast is a PIX payment processed?

Payment confirmation will appear on your webhook in only 10 seconds. Be aware that you need to proactively follow the information in our platform.

  • How long after the payment is done can the merchant deliver their product?

Any product or services may be authorized immediately after payment confirmation (10 seconds as mentioned above).

  • If there is an issue, when should we report to the Customer Experience team?

Passed an hour from the payment. If in that period you received no confirmation in your reports, we kindly ask you to open a ticket on our platform, including the payment statement the transaction’s unique id (when available) so we can be as agile as possible.

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