Disputes guides

  1. To connect to our SFTP, you will first need to contact your Account Manager to provide you with a host, username, and password.

3. Also you will find a folder named 'DISPUTES': Inside the folder, you will see all files that are uploaded on a daily basis with the following filename structure:

Name of Merchant _Name of Report ( Disputes)_ Date when the file was received

5. Basing on the information provided in this file, it’s now required to build your defense case collecting all evidence that supports your case in a pdf (7 MB size limit) and include in the file’s name your psp reference. Down below is a list of documents that are needed to dispute a case:

  • 1 - Receipt;

  • 2 - All shopper details - Full name, CPF number, email, phone number, address, etc.;

  • 3 - Invoice;

  • 4 - Copy of Order;

  • 5 - Proof of service or product delivery;

  • 6 - Screenshot with the transaction details;

  • 7 - Shopper's letter assuming he actually made the transaction.

7. As the cases get analyzed and closed, the outcome of the dispute will be found in the list of transactions in the same spreadsheet (Dispute Report), underneath a column named: Final Outcome.

Easy, right? Here is some additional information:

• Our acquirer takes up 90 days to send us a feedback on the outcome. • Your defenses will always have one of the following statuses:

Open: chargeback is still pending to be disputed (7 days to defend a case). Win: Merchant won the defense, the debit won't be charged from your balance. Lose: The shopper will pay the debit, which will be settled and can be found in the settlement report.

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