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Disputes guides

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    To connect to our SFTP, you will first need to contact your Account Manager to provide you with a host, username, and password.
2. Using the credentials that were created, connect to the SFTP and there will be all your reports, including the disputes report.
3. Also you will find a folder named 'DISPUTES': Inside the folder, you will see all files that are uploaded on a daily basis with the following filename structure:
Name of Merchant _Name of Report ( Disputes)_ Date when the file was received
4. Opening the file will display the complete detailed information regarding the disputed transaction:
5. Basing on the information provided in this file, it’s now required to build your defense case collecting all evidence that supports your case in a pdf (7 MB size limit) and include in the file’s name your psp reference. Down below is a list of documents that are needed to dispute a case:
  • 1 - Receipt;
  • 2 - All shopper details - Full name, CPF number, email, phone number, address, etc.;
  • 3 - Invoice;
  • 4 - Copy of Order;
  • 5 - Proof of service or product delivery;
  • 6 - Screenshot with the transaction details;
  • 7 - Shopper's letter assuming he actually made the transaction.
6. List fully checked? Now, as a final step, upload your PDF to the folder Disputes: home > disputes. Tha file name has to start with the transaction uniqueid: Uniqueid_[optional merchant naming]
7. As the cases get analyzed and closed, the outcome of the dispute will be found in the list of transactions in the same spreadsheet (Dispute Report), underneath a column named: Final Outcome.
Easy, right? Here is some additional information:
• Our acquirer takes up 90 days to send us a feedback on the outcome. • Your defenses will always have one of the following statuses:
Open: chargeback is still pending to be disputed (7 days to defend a case). Win: Merchant won the defense, the debit won't be charged from your balance. Lose: The shopper will pay the debit, which will be settled and can be found in the settlement report.