Preauthorization Card

A PA is created by sending a POST request over HTTPS to the /v1/payments resource. The request should include all required information such as your authentication credentials, the type of transaction, the amount and the payment information such as card details. A capture may be sent against a successful PA to request that the funds are sent for clearing.

This method is only used in Brazil at the moment


curl \
 -d "entityId=8ac7a4ca6db97ef1016dbe9214e70aac" \
 -d "amount=100.00" \
 -d "currency=BRL" \
 -d "paymentBrand=VISA" \
 -d "paymentType=DB" \
 -d "card.number=4200000000000000" \
 -d "card.holder=Jane Jones" \
 -d "card.expiryMonth=05" \
 -d "card.expiryYear=2020" \
 -d "card.cvv=123" \
 -d "testMode=EXTERNAL" \ Test Evroment Only
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OGFjN2E0Y2E2ZGI5N2VmMTAxNmRiZTkwZTMxZDBhYTh8WENkRUs0NHJubQ=="

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