Repeated Payment

Sending a repeated payment

Any payment request following the initial one has to have the parameter recurringType with the value REPEATED. This flag not only indicates that the request is part of a series of payments on this account, but also tells the payment system that no user is present and therefore parameters like card.cvv or the 3D authentication shouldn't be present. This fact in combination with the stored payment data of the registration greatly reduces the number of parameters of such a request:{registrationId}/payments⠀⠀
curl{registrationId}/payments \
 -d "entityId=8a8294184e736012014e78a17a5615ac" \
 -d "amount=92.00" \
 -d "currency=EUR" \
 -d "paymentType=PA" \
 -d "recurringType=REPEATED" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OGE4Mjk0MTg0ZTczNjAxMjAxNGU3OGExN2E2YTE1YjB8ZjJGRUtacXRCUA=="

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