A capture is used to request clearing for previously authorized funds. A capture request is performed against a previous preauthorization (PA) payment by referencing its and sending a POST request over HTTPS to the /payments/{id} endpoint. Captures can be for full or partial amounts and multiple capture requests against the same PA are allowed.

(This method is only used in Brazil at the moment)


curl{id} \
 -d "entityId=8a8294184e736012014e78a17a5615ac" \
 -d "amount=10.00" \
 -d "currency=EUR" \
 -d "paymentType=CP" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OGE4Mjk0MTg0ZTczNjAxMjAxNGU3OGExN2E2YTE1YjB8ZjJGRUtacXRCUA=="

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