A DB is created by sending a POST request over HTTPS to the /v1/payments resource. The request should include all required information such as your authentication credentials, the type of transaction, the amount and the payment information such as card details. A DB request effectively combines a PA and capture request, automatically requesting that the funds are cleared if the authorization was successful.

You can use this method to generate transactions in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia.

For transactions in Brazil use currency: BRL, for Mexico: MXN and for Colombia: COL


curl \
 -d "entityId=8a8294184e736012014e78a17a5615ac" \
 -d "amount=92.00" \
 -d "currency=BRL" \
 -d "paymentBrand=VISA" \
 -d "paymentType=DB" \
 -d "card.number=4200000000000000" \
 -d "card.holder=Jane Jones" \
 -d "card.expiryMonth=05" \
 -d "card.expiryYear=2034" \
 -d "card.cvv=123" \
 -H "Authorization: Bearer OGE4Mjk0MTg0ZTczNjAxMjAxNGU3OGExN2E2YTE1YjB8ZjJGRUtacXRCUA=="

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